About us

Titan Advanture & Sport is a member of Mareda Group d.o.o.. It gathers true fans of sport, recreation and adventure tourism. They are a team with many years of experience within the field of sport recreation, animation and active tourism. They have worked in many reputable firms with simular activities and services and have gane experience, as in many sport competitions, too. Our guides are professionals within the field of sport and tourism.

Our mission is to rise and develop the quality of services in active tourism.

Wishes and needs of every guest are in our first plan, because in many years of our experience working as bike tour guides, in hiking and walking, tourist animation throughout tourist destinations across the Croatia, we know how to draw a smile on every guests face.

Titan A&S directs their knowledge and experience to developing activities and services in the field of adventour and sport tourism as in active living and out door experience.

Mareda grupa d.o.o.

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